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Cally Girls – Urgently need homes! Please help!!!

Time is our enemy.

The Cally sisters urgently need homes. Toots, Sweets, Edna and Pickles

We are leaving the island at the end of June and are worried what their fate will be. Please spread the word that these adorable kittens need a home. They are very small for [...]

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Pika sets a new record for travel

It started last Saturday when we met Sarah and Tim at the fund raiser for Cas de Animal Aruba.  Liz and I were helping at the gala and we greeted Sarah and Tim as they arrived  at the reception area.  On vacation, they had seen the flier for the affair, and being animal lovers, they [...]

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A home for Doug

Hip Hip Hooray! On Wednesday we received a call from a guest at the Marriott asking if we could help her make arrangements to take a cat (Blackie) they found at the hotel back to the US. We came to the hotel and met Blackie and her new family and dropped off the [...]

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Murree and Mini Bee on the big screen

What a mix up!!
We discovered that we have been mispronouncing little Murray’s name. We thought it was pronounced MUH-ree when in actuality it is pronounced muh-REE.
Last night as I was giving him a bath I took a closer look and saw that he is a she. We had only assumed that muh-REE was MUH-ree [...]

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Bunny’s happy now

She has 3 new “toys” to play with

For the past few months we have been finding homes for hotel cats and not many orphans have been in the house. Poor Bunny and Dude have not had anyone to play with since Bump left and the older cats are not in the mood for their youthful [...]

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Snowmageddon and 2 hotel cats ride home

A happy ending for a pair of sweet sisters living at a hotel

What happened was a fellow cat lover on vacation, Diane, met these two at her hotel and to her surprise they were very approachable. After a few days of feeding and petting she contacted us and asked for help in taking them back [...]

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Pebbles was adopted

Pebbles (AKA Bump) was adopted on 11/14. She was adopted by a
wonderful lady, Kathleen who will be a great new ‘mom’ for her. She
came to us with her brother and sister (“The Flintstones”) at about 3 –
4 weeks old because their mother had been poisoned and there was no one
else [...]

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Tammy and Divi Divi

From Aruba to Massachusetts

So young, so cute, who could resist? Certainly not Tammy and Dave who fell in love with their new kitten, Divi Divi.
A beautiful orange tiger about 4 months old, Divi Divi must have heard from some of the other cats at their hotel that if you played your cards right you [...]

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Mango makes the move

It’s off to California

We received and email a short while ago from a person who wrote us that there was a young orange cat hanging out at the Marriot. They wanted us to take the kitty in and rescue it. We told them that the cat was self sufficient and that we rescued the [...]

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Elmo is now a Philly Phanatic

When we got Elmo he was too small to be with the Flintstones and Max out on the patio and we still had Tiger in the quarentine room – so poor little Elmo had to be confined to my office. He loved it. He got special attention and more food than you could imagine. At [...]

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