Bunny’s happy now

She has 3 new “toys” to play with

For the past few months we have been finding homes for hotel cats and not many orphans have been in the house. Poor Bunny and Dude have not had anyone to play with since Bump left and the older cats are not in the mood for their youthful exuberance.

Well, this weekend we took in 3 babies. One male and 2 females – one looks like a tiny version of Bunny – and in a few weeks we can expect the crazy rough housing to begin again.

The one that looks like Bunny was going to be Mini Me but at the moment she’s Mini B. Her brother & sister are almost identical twins but we can tell the difference and they are presently known as Marie and Doug. Our Aruban friend pronounces Doug but with 2 syllables – Duh-ug. They are all in good health and are starting to adapt. The first couple of days they wanted nothing to do with the bottle and formula. “This isn’t Mom and this isn’t what we are used to drinking”, was the attitude. But they finally got hungry enough that they decided a rubber nipple and formula was better than nothing.

Doug is looking for a home! Get ready world – here they come.

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