A home for Doug

Hip Hip Hooray! On Wednesday we received a call from a guest at the Marriott asking if we could help her make arrangements to take a cat (Blackie) they found at the hotel back to the US. We came to the hotel and met Blackie and her new family and dropped off the carrier and supplies. Blackie went to the vet and got a clean bill of health. We invited them to our house to see our ‘zoo’ and they brought along James (12 years old), also guest at the Marriott, who they told about our rescue work.

James saw Doug and immediately fell in love him but he was told he would have to go back and ask his parents if it would be okay.

Later that evening James came back with his parents and sisters to meet our Chug-a-lug Doug. Everyone loved him and though Dad seemed apprehensive, after 5 seconds of Doug nuzzling his beard, Dad said it was okay.

We got Doug his health certificate on Friday and Saturday morning we dropped him off for his new adventure. His new home will be in New York state not far from the Massachusetts border. Besides his new humans he’ll have 2 older cats and a big Labrador to keep him company.

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