1. What you can bring

We are always appreciative of any help we receive, no matter how large or small. Every bit helps.

Cash donations are easily made through our PayPal account. This helps us offset our vet bills. It is the one part of our mission that has to be done here on the island. There is no getting around it.

The other big part of our expenses is getting material goods for the care of our little bundles of joy. Everything on the island is imported and therefore much more expensive than in the US. One way that we try to keep costs down and save our cash donations for vet care is to ask visitors pack a few items and transport them down for us when they come to visit. Some of the things that we need more in the order that we need them

  • Soft airline approved carriers (the collapsible style)
  • Tiny harnesses and leashes(required by the airlines)
  • Hard airline approved carriers (Hard to bring but if you have the extra space this would be great!
  • Toys and catnip (of course!)

  • Just send us an emailbefore you come down and we’ll let you know what items we are in need of at that moment.

    Please feel free to contact us at info@arubakitten.org. Please use this address as well if you would like to come to visit our cats and kittens and we will send you contact information. We have made the decision to make our location a “secret” on the island as to avoid getting animals “dumped” at our doorstep.

    If you email us and are in Aruba – please let us know how to contact you (either by providing a phone number or hotel information). Don’t forget to include our address in your spam filter!