Snowmageddon and 2 hotel cats ride home

A happy ending for a pair of sweet sisters living at a hotel

What happened was a fellow cat lover on vacation, Diane, met these two at her hotel and to her surprise they were very approachable. After a few days of feeding and petting she contacted us and asked for help in taking them back to the US. Because she was leaving in 2 days there was a rush order on all the work that needed to be done. Needless to say, Queenie and Sweetie decided to hide out the day before and did not show up until Saturday morning. By that time it was impossible to have their papers in order to make the flight that day.

Diane decided she missed the two kittens and wanted to
see if we could get them to her. We posted looking for
someone to fly them to Dulles and a wonderful lady, Alison,
said she would fly them back for her.

Her flight was on the Sunday when all the snow hit DC.
The flight took off from Aruba and we were biting our nails because we had seen all the reports and that Dulles was closed until Monday. Diane send us the following email about their journey:

Well the plane left an hour late so was due to arrive at 9pm. We got to the airport and called Alison around 9:20 but they were still on the plane because the gateway (or whatever you call that thing that rolls out to the plane so people can get off) was jammed plus something was stuck underneath the plane. To make a long story short, we finally connected and I took the little gals home and set them up in their room sometime between 10:30 & 11 PM. Today they seem fine – they were playing with one of those round cat toys with a mouse inside that goes round and round when you bat at it. Used the litter box like pros. So all is well!

Alison who took them and said they were little angels the entire time. Not a peep from them and they were just great.

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