Our Mission

We are dedicated to kittens and cats which are good candidates for adoption to homes in the US.

We have looked at where our efforts could be best used and have the following objectives:

- We specialize in assisting people who have fallen in love with ‘hotel cats’ or other cats on the island to take their cats back to the US. We will provide transportation to and from the vet and provide carriers and harnesses to bring their cats home.

- When funds are available, we will sponsor a cat to be spayed or neutered. We want the cats to be in home with people who can not just afford the costs. This is a very limited program. We will not spay and neuter cats found at the hotels. There is a reason for this but at this time our organization is not in the position to explain why the prospects for a hotel cat is low.

- We have no cages or ‘facility’ to hold cats on any basis . There is a huge overpopulation problem on the island and unfortunately not every cat can be saved. Our hearts have been broken many times having to say no but the need is so great and our resources are very scarce.

Why do we prefer placement in the US? Most homes in Aruba prefer to have their cats outdoors which expose them to wandering dogs, other feral cats and street traffic. Cats are generally not treated as beloved pets as they are in the US. We just want to give as many cats that we can a chance to be in a loving home with protection and food.

We have a lawyer in the US who has kindly donated her services and are in the process of becoming a US charity. We are able to give receipts for donations and will post when our paperwork has been completed and filed.

Aruba Kitten Rescue now has it’s own facebook page. Please become a fan and join us!

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If you email us and are in Aruba – please let us know how to contact you (either by providing a phone number or hotel information). Don’t forget to include our address in your spam filter!

Thank you for your interest and caring about the work we do!

Aruba Kitten Rescue