Pika sets a new record for travel

It started last Saturday when we met Sarah and Tim at the fund raiser for Cas de Animal Aruba.  Liz and I were helping at the gala and we greeted Sarah and Tim as they arrived  at the reception area.  On vacation, they had seen the flier for the affair, and being animal lovers, they started out their vacation by supporting the efforts for Cas de Animal Aruba’s shelter project.

At the end of the evening we saw them outside the Westin and told them about our kitten rescue.  We exchanged cards with them and bade them a good evening, thanking them for helping out the animals of Aruba.

The next day we got a call from them. While at their hotel they were befriended by little cat they named Pika and they asked what could be done to make her life a more comfortable one. We explained that we could make arrangements for them to take her home with them. Although they felt weren’t sure they had room for another cat at their home they thought that could take her back to a shelter in Canada where she had a chance to get a good home. We invited them over to talk and meet our newest orphan, Keebler. The next day Sarah and Tim came over and we were able to spend some time talking about alternatives. We decided to catch Pika, we could have her examined by the vet and we would keep her here until final arrangements could be made.

Now by this time Pika was working her charms on Sarah and Tim and they were starting to consider  keeping her as their own. Since she was going to be our first rescue going to Canada, we were not familiar with Canadian law concerning transportation of animals but a quick visit to the Canadian governments web site, we found that bringing an Aruban cat into the country was as easy as taking one to the US. The next day we were off to the vet’s for her shot and health certificate.

Pika spent the next 3 days with us. She was so happy and content to be somewhere safe and to have a constant supply of food. Even the vet told us that he could not believe how calm and sweet Pika was. She seemed to know that she was on her way to a better life and never meowed or was upset. Saturday morning we delivered her to Tim and Sarah’s hotel as they were checking out.

Pika had a long trip. First the flight to Toronto. After arrival in Toronto, she spent the night at a Sheraton hotel. Yes, many hotels are pet friendly now. After a good night’s sleep it was off to the airport for the flight to Vancouver.

We will post an update on her flight when we hear back from Sarah and Tim. But this is truely an Aruban love story. We know she will have such a great and happy life. We have been deeply touched by this sweet cat and her affect on all of us!

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