Helping Us

There are many ways you can help us. The biggest way you can help us is to adopt a kitten!! Homes
are hard to find here and the best hope for these little guys is for them to have a good home in the US where they will be properly taken care of and loved. If you can’t do that, please contact anyone you might know who would be interested in one. Or if you are coming to the island and don’t mind taking a “little someone” back with you – please let us know. The process of taking kittens to the US is easy and we have done this many times without any problems.

Please feel free to contact us at with your comments and questions. Please use this address as well if you would like to come to visit our cats and kittens and we will send you contact information. We have made the decision to make our location a “secret” on the island as to avoid getting animals “dumped” at our doorstep.

If you email us and are in Aruba – please let us know how to contact you (either by providing a phone number or hotel information). Don’t forget to include our address in your spam filter!

Please look at our other links for ways to help! Thank you so much for the love, support and kindness!