What to do if you find a kitten

Here are some helpful tips we have found throughout the years.

The first thing you should do is if you see tiny kittens is NOT to pick
them up or move them. It’s likely that mom is around and you just
can’t see her. Carefully monitor the kittens but leave lots of “breathing”
space for mom to come back. Mom is the best for any kitten. Her milk
provides many specialized things as auto-immune chemicals that help
kittens fight off diseases. We know it’s hard not to pick up the little
darlings – but you’ll be doing the best thing for the kittens if you let
mom do what she does best. If you can, leave a little food out for
mom as she is hunting, protecting and taking care of her babies. She
needs all the help she can get.

Please read the page for what to do if you find a kitten for more details.