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Doug’s ride home

Just got the cutest email about Doug’s journey home:
Dear Liz and Mick,
We are so sorry that we did not respond sooner! Doug/Roo’s journey was wonderful. We had no problems at the airport, and he was a litterbox pro. Our flight arrived at 6:50 (About 30 minutes early) and we drove home from NYC shortly after. [...]

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A home for Doug

Hip Hip Hooray! On Wednesday we received a call from a guest at the Marriott asking if we could help her make arrangements to take a cat (Blackie) they found at the hotel back to the US. We came to the hotel and met Blackie and her new family and dropped off the [...]

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Chug-a-lug Doug needs a home

Doug is sad because he doesn’t have a home yet! Doug was born on Valentine’s day and he sure is a lover. We got him and his 2 sisters because their mom ‘disappeared’ and they were left as orphans. He’s called Chug-a-lug Doug because he was so good at eating from the [...]

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Murree and Mini Bee on the big screen

What a mix up!!
We discovered that we have been mispronouncing little Murray’s name. We thought it was pronounced MUH-ree when in actuality it is pronounced muh-REE.
Last night as I was giving him a bath I took a closer look and saw that he is a she. We had only assumed that muh-REE was MUH-ree [...]

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Bunny’s happy now

She has 3 new “toys” to play with

For the past few months we have been finding homes for hotel cats and not many orphans have been in the house. Poor Bunny and Dude have not had anyone to play with since Bump left and the older cats are not in the mood for their youthful [...]

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