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Pixel is on his way to America!

Today a happy day compared to yesterday. Pixel is being brought back to his new home by a really terrific lady who also does cat rescue in NJ. It really warms our hearts to know this little guy who was put into a sealed box to die now is going to have a [...]

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Wed was a sad day for us

A very nice lady came and dropped off 4 kittens which were one day old. All four died despite all our efforts. We were all saddened by this but a least feel that we gave the little guys the best shot we could. The vets office was very good to us [...]

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Ruby was adopted March 21st

Ruby was a little kitten that was found at a high rise hotel  by a loving family who had 2 teen girls.   The girls named her Ruby which is short for Aruba.  They had befriended this kitten the entire week while they were at the Marriott.  They had tried to put her with some other [...]

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Mooma was brought to us by a woman who does dog rescues on the island. While she was rescuing a dog she found a little kitten nearby. She brought her to us because she could not keep him because of all her dogs. We got Mooma a great home with 2 kids [...]

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Lighthouse kittens

One day we went to lunch at the lighthouse. While eating I heard little “meows” – the gardener was watering the hedges. We found 5 tiny kittens who were getting drenched. We came back the next day and caught them and the cat we thought was her mother. Unfortunately the [...]

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Pandy was rescued from the Holiday Inn. She is approx. 4 ½ years old. She looks like a minature maine coon cat. She is very loving and needs more love that we can provide her.
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