Process of Bringing a cat home

It is relatively easy to bring a cat back to the US or Canada. They require a certificate of health and depending on their age a rabies shot. Since Aruba is a rabies free island, the 30 day waiting period for the rabies shot is not required. If you are bringing a kitten back and it’s less than 6 months old – the vet will put on the certificate clearly that “the kitten is too young for the rabies shot”. If the kitten/cat is over 6 months old a rabies shot is required. The vet charges in Aruba are much less than the US, so you can save some money by having the shots done here.

Most airlines allow a certain number of pets in the cabin. You do have to get a ticket for the pet from the airline and the price varies from $75 – $125. You can just put the pet under the seat for their “ride home”. They also require that you have a harness and leash for when you are going through US customs in Aruba so you can safely remove the cat from the carrier so they can inspect it.

Thanks to some generous donations we have cat carriers, kitten harnesses and leashes that we can give you to transport your cat/kitten back to the states.

So all you have to do is buy the kitten a ticket on the plane and pay $20.00 for the certificate of health from the vet. You might have to get a rabies shot depending on the age of the kitten/cat. The cost of the plane ticket will actually cover the amount you would pay for the first set of kitten shots which about $100 in the US. The cost for the shots in Aruba is $30.

Please feel free to contact us at with your comments and questions. Please use this address as well if you would like to come to visit our cats and kittens and we will send you contact information. We have made the decision to make our location a “secret” on the island as to avoid getting animals “dumped” at our doorstep.

If you email us and are in Aruba – please let us know how to contact you (either by providing a phone number or hotel information). Don’t forget to include our address in your spam filter!

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