Mango makes the move

It’s off to California

We received and email a short while ago from a person who wrote us that there was a young orange cat hanging out at the Marriot. They wanted us to take the kitty in and rescue it. We told them that the cat was self sufficient and that we rescued the bottle babies and therefore it would be best if she remained at the hotel where she would be relatively safe and cared for by the countless Marriot customers.

We let the person know that we could make the arrangements for them to adopt the kitty and take her home. They said they couldn’t and we told them that if the kitty was that friendly that they should let others at the hotel know that it was possible to take home the ultimate Aruban souvenir.

We heard nothing for the next week until yesterday. We got an email from Debbie who inquired about taking home a beautiful orange kitty that befriended her at the Marriot. We asked if she had spoken with someone at the hotel about taking her home and if he had given her our phone number and she said no, the cat was just very friendly and she decided she would like to keep it.

Debbie had already called the vet and made an appointment for a rabies vaccination and health certificate and was in the process of trying to find a suitable carrier for the flight home. After a few phone calls and no luck she tried doing a Google search for “aruba cat carrier” and this web site came up.

The rest is now another successful tale of how cat lovers rescued another homeless kitty.

Just that morning we had visitors that brought us supplies. We were well prepared as we picked up Debbie and Mango at the hotel and took them to the vet’s for the shot and exam. Mango passed her health exam with flying colors and was given the go ahead for her flight to the US. We dropped Debbie off at the Marriot with the “travel kit” we prepare for adopted cats – a carrier, harness, leash, an unopened package of temptations, a small, disposable kitty litter and a towel.

We then took Mango home with us to spend the night just so there would not be any problems – we are not sure if the hotel would allow her to keep Mango in the room overnight and to let her roam the hotel grounds, now that she was leaving, was out of the question.

Mango slept well in our guest house and this morning she was fitted with her new harness and leash. Into the new carrier and off we went to reunite her with her new owner. At 12:15 we bid them both a fond farewell and a safe and speedy trip.

We are amazed by the fact that even though Debbie hadn’t heard about Mango from the earlier concerned person and also that we are now getting to the point where a Google search brings up our web site. What is even more amazing is that it seems as though little Mango was determined to find an owner. Sure, working the crowds at the hotel is pretty simple, it is still work. Finding someone to take care of you for the rest of your life is a much sweeter deal – and sweet, sweet Mango hit the jackpot.

Mango asked us to thank each and every one of you who have brought us the carriers and leashes and harnesses and treats and everything else that made it possible for her to start her new life. We did our part as did Debbie, but this is just a reminder that you all helped too, and for that we thank you again.

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