2. Become a foster parent

Live or spend a lot of time in Aruba? Looking for something
to help the island or do?

We are looking for “kitten foster” parents. It’s a great and rewarding
work. We will provide you with the training and supplies on how to
feed tiny kittens and take care of them. We will be there every
step of the way and provide all the assistance you need.

The usual amount of time you will have the kittens for is about 8 weeks.
We will post their progress and adoption information about them
and hopefully get good homes for them.

It is so much fun to watch them grow and play and you know you are
saving a kitten that would have died otherwise. We feel such
happiness when we place kittens knowing that there are others
out there that care as much as we do and have made the best
of friends with our “babies” new families.

If you’re interested – please contact us! Your help is sorely needed!!