Elmo is now a Philly Phanatic

When we got Elmo he was too small to be with the Flintstones and Max out on the patio and we still had Tiger in the quarentine room – so poor little Elmo had to be confined to my office. He loved it. He got special attention and more food than you could imagine. At times I thought his little belly would pop like a balloon.

At about 6 weeks old he was catching up to the Flintstones and we put them all together keeping a watchful eye so he wouldn’t get bullied. Lo and behold, little Elmo was one not to be reckoned with. Absolutely fearless and ready to take on all comers.

Having longer fur that’s soft as chinchilla, Elmo was snatched up by a wonderful young lady from Philadelphia who was here in late June. She and her family had brought supplies for us when they came and she wanted to adopt Max. Unfortunately it was not possible at that time and Max found a new home here in Aruba a few weeks later. We kept in touch and last week she decided she would like Elmo. As luck would have it, we had a visitor on the island who was able to transport the lucky little guy to Philly for us.

The Flintstones miss Elmo and are sad that they were not picked first since they were older, but they are happy for him.

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