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Mo and Mojo Heading to Maine

Mission Control – We Have a Go

This week end Mo and Mojo’s new family came to visit. The adopting family was going to suprise their 7 year old son, Max, about the kittens but they had a hard time getting him to come visit without spilling the beans.
Once they arrived it was great fun. Max [...]

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Max Update

Max has attained toddler status

It’s been a busy week. We had visitors who are going to adopt Mo and Mojo, but more on that in aother post.
Max now has his eyes open and is walking – a bit wobbly – but walking. He is also being introduced to his older housemates. The adults are curious [...]

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A new home for Mitsy ‘formerly Pandora’

Pandora is about 4 ½ years old and was rescued from the Holiday Inn as a young adult. She was with us for close to 4 years and and was one of our residents. But we need to make room for more kittens and she was one of our adults that we felt would [...]

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Our newest addition

Max is on board!

Late Sunday night we received a phone call from the guard at the gate house at Tierra Del Sol. One of the groundskeepers was told by a guest that they had found a baby kitten.
We drove up to the gate house and there he was, in a box with tissues and ice [...]

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Boy are we exhausted!!

Had a trying day yesterday – When we got the kittens they had the runs but then we started feeding
them and thought they had the runs because their system was getting used to food. We had
to do an emergency trip to the vet – they have either a parasite or a bacterial [...]

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Our latest Babies

4 week old kittens found

We just got these kittens on April Fools day. They are still drinking out of the bottle but they are getting their teeth and are starting to eat soft food. These kittens were found in a garden and they believe they found the mother dead. We are [...]

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Wed was a sad day for us

A very nice lady came and dropped off 4 kittens which were one day old. All four died despite all our efforts. We were all saddened by this but a least feel that we gave the little guys the best shot we could. The vets office was very good to us [...]

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