2. Introducing your cat to a new home

Bringing home your new bundle of joy!

All our kittens are socialized with other cats of various ages and temperaments. Here are some guide lines to help your new addition settle in.

On arrival home with your new kitten, place the kitten while still in the carrier in a suitable warm room where the kitten can be safely kept for a few days. Let the kitten come out to explore in it’s own time.

If you have other pets, it will be important to introduce them gradually. Choose a ‘neutral’ location where the current pet will not feel territorial. You can place the new kitten in one room and allow the resident animal(s) to sniff the kitten through closed doors. This will encourage curiosity in both animals and familiarize them with each other’s scent. It is often easier to bring a new kitten into a household with a resident dog than one with a resident cat. This may be because cats are more territorial creatures. The resident dog will likely be excited when the new kitten first arrives, but the novelty will quickly wear off and the kitten usually settles in quite nicely. In fact, some kittens may try to boss the dog around, and some dogs will actually be scared of the tiny kitten! Introducing the new kitten to a resident cat may be slightly more complex and it depends on the personality of the two cats. With time and patience, the new addition will learn his/her place in the household and hopefully live in harmony.

If anyone has questions, more advise or suggestions please feel free to contact us at arubakitten.org