Pebbles was adopted

Pebbles (AKA Bump) was adopted on 11/14. She was adopted by a
wonderful lady, Kathleen who will be a great new ‘mom’ for her. She
came to us with her brother and sister (“The Flintstones”) at about 3 –
4 weeks old because their mother had been poisoned and there was no one
else to take care of them.

It took 6 months for her to find her “dream home” in Va. We have grown
quite attached to her because she has wonderful personality and provided
endless entertainment for us. But we are so happy that she has a new
home in the US where she will be dearly loved and spoiled. We wish you
the best of luck Bump!

Thanks to everyone for their support and contributions. Thanks to you
we are able to give these great little guys a chance for a good life!

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