It never gets easier

We lost Lucy last night

We had Lucy to the vets every day since last Friday. They tried everything they could to get her out of her dire condition. By Monday she was still fiesty but wouldn’t eat and I had to feed her special formula and pedialite with a tiny syringe, ½ a cc every 15 minutes.

When I checked her at 8 pm last night she had finally lost her fight.
I held her and stroked her until she passed at 10 pm.

Even as I write this I can’t hold back my tears. Sometimes a rescue becomes very special and Lucy was one of those. We have had kittens before that didn’t make it, and it is always sad, but little Lucy had won a big place in my heart and now there is an emptiness. The only consolation is the emptiness is space that can be filled again, as I am sure it will. But for some reason it feels as though it will never be as full as it was.

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