The Flintstones

Fred, Wilma and Pebbles

As a follow up to an earlier post, here’s the picture and story of our latest additions

We recieved the call late Saturday afternoon from our main liasson at the local veterinarians. They had 3 four week old kittens that needed to be placed. And so about an hour later we met our new charges.

Naming is always a chore so we figured we would sex them then think of a familiar group with the same amount of gender. Immediately the Flintstones came to mind though later Jack, Chrissy and Janet from 3’s Company sprang to mind. So much for naming conventions.

They are at the awkward stage of eating. They don’t want a bottle and they don’t want solid food. So it’s glop at this point. They roll in it, stick thier heads into it, slurp it and make a huge mess. I have some horrifying pictures of the whole proceedure that I will post when I have a little more time.

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