Busy Weekend

3 New arrivals and a sick kitten

Last week we took Max and Lucy to the vets for checkups and to be dewormed. As usual they were both a little sluggish with poor appetites after the visit. The next day Lucy still was not eating well and the day after that she developed diarrhea. We took her back to the vets and they gave her shots of antibiotics, vitamins and bucapan(to relieve the digestive tract).

Then on Saturday evening we recieved a call for help with a litter of 4 week old kittens. We had the dropped off to us and put them into the quarrentine room. Except for fleas they appeared to be in good shape. A male and 2 females who have been dubbed “The Flintstones” – Fred, Wilma and Pebbles. Pictures to be posted soon.

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