Adoption Update

News of Mo and Mojo’s Arrival

We received an email with a photo giving us an update on Mo and Mojo (now named Zoe and Tyson. It reads as follows:

Hi Liz & Mick!
We are all settled back in Maine. The kittens are doing great. The trip was a breeze, and they were so good the whole way. Its still a 4 hour drive back to Camden, Maine even after arriving in Logan Airport, so we didn’t get home until after 9 pm. They were little troopers though. Everyone at the airports was super nice just like you said, and most of the passengers didn’t even know. The couple who did were very impressed with the whole effort.
Max and I went to the pet store in Camden yesterday morning and got them all the essentials for a happy life. They are adjusting very well and can’t get enough of playing with each other and Max. It was very nice to meet you both, and I hope more people will continue to help the other Aruban orphans you find, and get to enjoy this rewarding experience. Thanks for what you do.

Best Regards,
Joel, Barrie, & Max

Here’s a pic of how everyone woke up this morning all to enjoy the
playstation 2…

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