While at the Veterinarian’s

A New Addition – Lucy

The phone rang the morning I was going to take Mo and Mojo to the vets for their health certificates. It was the vet’s office wanting to know if we had room for another kitten. I asked how old and was told that it was about 7 days old.

Well, since we specialize in orphan rescue (they are tiny) I said that we had room for another and I would pick it up when I came up with Mo and Mojo.

So now we have Lucy, a little girl. During the weekend, someone dumped her off on the front porch of one of the vets. Who ever dropped her off knew that it was a vet that lived there. The vet wished that the person would have at least talked with her so that they could find out the circumstances of the rescue. Was this adandoned by the mother? Was the mother killed and if not was she in the area so she could be captured and sterilized? But unfortunately these questions would remain unanswered.

Lucy is a little over a week old. She appears to be in good health but is a little fiesty about the bottle.

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