Mo and Mojo Heading to Maine

Mission Control – We Have a Go

This week end Mo and Mojo’s new family came to visit. The adopting family was going to suprise their 7 year old son, Max, about the kittens but they had a hard time getting him to come visit without spilling the beans.

Once they arrived it was great fun. Max met his new kittens as well as every other cat in the house. He was especially entralled with our Maine Coon, Missy. He would play with the kittens and the young adults then ask if he could go see the “BIG ONE” again.

The next day I took Mo and Mojo to the veterinarian for their check-up and to get their travel health certificates and they passed with flying colors. Their sister, McLovin, will miss them but she has already adopted Max (the kitten) as her little brother

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