Doug’s ride home

Just got the cutest email about Doug’s journey home:

Dear Liz and Mick,
We are so sorry that we did not respond sooner! Doug/Roo’s journey was wonderful. We had no problems at the airport, and he was a litterbox pro. Our flight arrived at 6:50 (About 30 minutes early) and we drove home from NYC shortly after. We finally arrived home at about 11:30 pm. We made him an area in our bathtub with a cat bed, some fuzzy blankets, a litter box, an eating area, and his carrier. He still loves to snuggle (and wrestle) with his “lamb” which we call Lambie. When Jordan and James went to visit him after we put him to bed, he had fallen asleep with his nose nestled in Lambie. When we woke up, we gave him some food. James began creating a jungle gym out of cardboard boxes and Roo loves to climb up it. We also gave him a soft, sponge ball that he loves to pounce on. He has met one of our cats, who at first seemed hesitant but is now becoming friendlier. Our other cat is a bit more fretful so they have not encountered each other yet. Our dog gave Roo a sniff and a lick which was very cute. Right now he is sleeping in the sleeve of Jordan’s snuggie, which has made a hammock-like bed. He has used the litter box every time we put him in, he’s so good about it! In other words, all is well. Pictures are on the way (once he wakes up!).
With much appreciation for our sweet new buddy,
Jordan, James, Sharon, and Jim.

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