A new home for Mitsy ‘formerly Pandora’

Pandora is about 4 ½ years old and was rescued from the Holiday Inn as a young adult. She was with us for close to 4 years and and was one of our residents. But we need to make room for more kittens and she was one of our adults that we felt would be a good candidate for adoption. We are going to miss her dearly but we know she is in good hands.

Her new family was looking for a cat for for their young daughter who had fallen in love with her grandmother’s Siamese and wanted a cat of her own. They wanted a female and since all the babies that are up for adoption are males they were limited to our 2 available females, Pandora or Dje Dje, both full grown adults.

After much petting, feeding of cat treats and careful evaluation, Pandy came out the winner. We received an email this morning letting us know that Pandy is now Mitsy and she is adjusting well to her new home.

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