Boy are we exhausted!!

Had a trying day yesterday – When we got the kittens they had the runs but then we started feeding
them and thought they had the runs because their system was getting used to food. We had
to do an emergency trip to the vet – they have either a parasite or a bacterial infection. We looked on the web and it is very common esp. since they were in a yard for how long.
They can get it from the dirt. The white one was in extreme distress. So we got some medicine
for them and had to feed the white one a kitten version of pedialite every 15 minutes. The kitten
LOVED to be held all day but we were exhausted! The other two are doing well – eating soft
food like crazy!! They love to walk through the food, lie in it and get it all over themselves!
Needless to say – we are having to give the kittens a bath and then massive washcloth baths a day!

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