Blackie (now Bella) rescued from the Marriott

Blackie gets a great home!!! On Wednesday March 24th, we received a call from a guest at the Marriott asking if we could help her make arrangements to take a cat (Blackie) they found at the hotel back to the US. We came to the hotel and met Blackie and her new family and dropped off the carrier and supplies. Blackie went to the vet and got a clean bill of health. We have the hardest problems adopting black cats on the island due to the superstitions people have about them. So this rescue was special for us. Blackie flew back to the US on March 27th. Blackie then was given to Lisa’s parents and reports the following:
My folks took “Blackie” and renamed her Bella. They LOVE her; she is sooooooooo affectionate and perfect for them. I’ll send some more photos soon. She is getting to know their Black Lab who is very docile (12 years old) and just wants to get to know her. She’s taking her time. Bella sleeps on my mom’s bed every night and she has a new reason to get up every morning – THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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