Stewie is on his way

Stewie and his brother Rupert was spotted by several families at the Marriott the week of 3/20. They were so friendly and nice that everyone was concerned about his well being. Both had beautiful copper eyes and a beautiful orange tiger coat of hair.

A wonderful woman from the Oklahoma Humane Society had also found a black cat there and named him “Aruba’. She brought him back with her on 3/27. She was concerned for Stewie and Rupert and said if we could catch them she would pick them up if we could get them to the US and take them to her wonderful organization.

We got a call and picked him up on 3/28. We found wonderful American student on the island to foster him for us. She left on Friday with Stewie for DC. He will be staying there for a ‘layover’ and will be flown to Oklahoma in the very near future. We are hoping that he will have a bright future with a loving family.

Best of Luck Stewie! You are a great cat!

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