Annie’s Story

Annie was flown by a volunteer to the Baltimore area on April 4th. She really enjoyed her ride and loved
to play with her toys in her carrier and watch the people pass by.
Here is Sherry (Annie’s new mom) story:
We have had two male cats at home. Dish is turning nine next month and was a barn kitten rescue from a friend who was dying. Pixie was a year old in January and was a rescue thru AKR. Dish is too fat to move and although we originally hoped that pixie would get dish motivated but it never happened. Dish is a beautiful blob that doesn’t like to expend energy. I had been talking about bringing a female cat into the house, preferably a small kitten to keep Pixie company. Liz at AKR contacted me about a kitten named Murray. Murray is hubby’s name but we didn’t want a male although he was really cute. However, a week or so later, this adorable male kitten had a sex change. Murray was now classified a female (the anatomy told the tale, lol) and needed a home and a new name. SHE is now Annie. She is so cute. Pixie and Annie play until they both fall over. Dish even babysits her when pixie is sleeping. We are truly one big happy family now.

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