When Harry met Sally

Actually, Linda, not Sally!

Right around lunch time today the phone rang and I could hear Liz talking. “How old do you think he is? What hotel are you staying at? Okay, we’ll be there in about 15 minutes.” And as we drove down island she filled me in about Harry and Linda. By the time we got to the hotel I had been informed that we were setting up travel arrangements for a young male cat that stole the heart of his new adoptive mom, Linda.

Harry had been working the hotel crowd for quite a while it seems. He was in great shape and didn’t seem to have anything wrong with him. He was ultrafriendly, a trait that they seem to pick up when they hit up the vacationers for food. “Pet me, feed me, feed me some more.” It’s a scam we’ve seen many times and it looks like this time Harry decided that he not only wanted food but a new home in the US.

He had his marks picked out and was working his charms on them, but then he met Linda. It was love at first sight and fortunately Linda was lucky enough to have met some people that told her that there was an organization on the island that could help get the necessary travel papers needed to get Harry out of Aruba.

That’s where we came in. We went through our inventory of donations and got together everything Harry would need to make the journey back to his new home. A new pet carrier, a harness (which turned out to be too big) and a leash, sealed goodies for the trip and a makeshift kitty litter (for when he landed, in case he had to go) and we were on our way.

We met Harry and Linda at her hotel and gave Linda the info. She had already made an afternoon appointment at the vet’s to get his tests, shots and health certificate. A call had been made to the airline to make sure there was available room on the return flight and the wheels were in motion.

Later in the afternoon we drove back to the hotel and picked up Linda and Harry who was adjusting to his new pet carrier. He wasn’t real happy about it but he knew it was his best chance to get to America. At the vet’s he had his tests for feline aids and leukemia and we waited in anticipation for the results. We were also told that Harry was about 1 year old. Fifteen minutes later the vet told us that Harry was disease free and he was then given his rabies shot. We adjorned to the waiting room while they filled out the health certificate and 15 minutes later we were back out on the road to get a proper fitting harness and then take Linda and Harry back to the hotel.

As we said our goodbyes, Harry was curled up in his carrier taking a little nap, for he was leaving tomorrow and it was going to be a long day. We will be getting reports on Harry’s progress as he learns what it is like to be getting regular meals, a safe place to sleep and pats from someone that loves him very, very much.

Yep – it was a great day when Harry met Linda. And when Linda met Harry.

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