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All the Calico Girls left for the US on Friday!

A Miracle happened for the Calico Girls!
Pickles, Sweets, Toots and Edna fates were unsure. One of our strong supporters of our rescue operation, Lora, decided that she would take all four girls to Iowa with her so we could make sure they got good homes. On Friday, with help from her [...]

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This is the hardest thing I have ever written

It is with great sadness in my heart that we will be leaving the island in order to deal with my elderly parents. We have tried to stay here as long as we could, but things have gotten worse with them and I need to be by their side. We will be leaving the last [...]

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Cally Girls – Urgently need homes! Please help!!!

Time is our enemy.

The Cally sisters urgently need homes. Toots, Sweets, Edna and Pickles

We are leaving the island at the end of June and are worried what their fate will be. Please spread the word that these adorable kittens need a home. They are very small for [...]

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Meet the Calico Girls!

Meet the Calico Girls

On May 7th we picked up 4 calico kittens between the age of 3 -4 weeks old from the vet. They were found in a yard and turned into the vet for fear that their dogs would kill them. If we didn’t take them they would have been destroyed. They [...]

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Bee finds a home

On Saturday (May 8th), Bee was adopted to a nice lady who is involved in animal rescue here and in the states. While we love Bee dearly and will miss her greatly, we knew that since our house is entirely full right now that it would be best if Bee [...]

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Pinchita is rescued from a hotel!

On Friday (May 7th) we helped a lovely couple Annie and Kevin take home a cat that was at the hotel they were staying at. She had befriended them earlier in the week but on Thursday night it became love when Pinchita (the name of the tapas Annie was eating) jumped up on her [...]

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Pika sets a new record for travel

It started last Saturday when we met Sarah and Tim at the fund raiser for Cas de Animal Aruba.  Liz and I were helping at the gala and we greeted Sarah and Tim as they arrived  at the reception area.  On vacation, they had seen the flier for the affair, and being animal lovers, they [...]

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Baby Keebler Update

Keebler fully opened her eyes yesterday and weighs nearly a half pound. She is so cute and fuzzy. She’s eating well and ‘wobbling’ around. She’s about 16 days old now.
If you are interested in adopting her when she gets older, please contact us!

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Hotel Kittens need a home!

Sally is staying at a resort and found 4 kittens who are approximately 12 weeks home. We are full at this time with another hotel rescue cat, a 13 day old kitten plus our ‘clan’. I can’t find anyone who can take them in to foster them. They are being fed and loved [...]

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Rupert update: Now call him “Micky”

Rupert made a friend with a beautiful little girl named Devon at a hotel and her mommy contacted us to rescue her.
We were fortunate to find him a home with a family in Aruba who has a little girl the same age of Devon be his new mommy!
Her name is Kaydie and [...]

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