Good news and sad news

The sad news first. On Monday, the 12th, we had to put dear Luna to sleep.  If you look at our banner at the top of the page you will see Luna being fed by me. I don’t know if we ever told the story of Luna and her brothers.

We had just moved into our house and on day 3 the housekeeper form across the street came to our door and rang the bell. She had found 3 kittens in the back yard and they had been there for hours. The mother had left and never came back. She brought the 2 males over to us as the 3rd had not survived. 5 minutes later she came back with the little female. She said, ” I was going to put it in the trash when she moved a bit. She is not dead yet.”

That little female was our Luna. It was because of her and her 2 brothers that we started Aruba Kitten Rescue.

After 14 years she finally left us. We are sad she is gone but she had an incredible life and because of her we started something that enriched our lives.

The good news. 2 days after her passing we read a post on our local bulletin board ( that a neighbor found a kitten and had no idea what to do. We immediately contacted her and told her we would take the kitten.   The kitten stayed with us for a week until the technician at the vet saw him and adopted him!!!

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