Mango and Coconut united with their new parents

Yesterday,  Sherry delivered the last of 2 of the office kittens to their new parents.   They are overjoyed with their new babies and thank everyone involved for their help with this rescue.

They just posted this yesterday and i’m sure we’ll get pictures and updates soon!

We’re home with our new little bundles of joy and fun. I’ll post some pics later but they are a blast and even though we just have them in the kitchen for now, they think it’s HUGE. :lol:

Mango already used the  potty, we’re waiting for Coconut to go now. They love all their new toys. Coconut purrs like you wouldn’t believe.

It’s been 1 month waiting for them and it was definitely worth the wait. I can’t thank you both enough for helping us get our new little Aruban furbabies.

- Mellie

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