Stooby Too is going to America!!

Stooby too is leaving with a wonderful lady in the DC area on Saturday. She thinks she is going to name him Arashi, Smokey Joe or Tony. Let us know which name you like best. Stubby too was found along with two other kittens in a sealed box in the countryside. Someone had put them there to die. A woman found them and took them home but she was leaving the island so we took them under our wing. Stooby is a little character. He loves to play, purr and get pats. He was born without a tail so when he runs his back legs “hop” which is very funny to watch. We think he is about 12 weeks old.
He has been checked out by the vet and was given a clean bill of health. He was also tested for Aids and lukemia and passed both tests! We are so happy this little guy is getting such a good home!

Look in comments for an update from his new owner!

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